The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001253481-01
Public Notices


Notice is hereby given that the Kauai County Housing Agency (KCHA), pursuant to Federal Regulations at 24 CFR 983.51(b) (2) and Section 17-II.B of the Administrative Plan of its Section 8 HCV program, KCHA has selected the following project for utilization under the PBV program that has been previously selected under competition from a federal, state or local housing assistance program:

Applicant: Ahe Group, LLC
Project: Pua Loke Affordable Development

KCHA will make available to any interested party its documents that identify the PHA basis for selecting the aforementioned project for review by the public for thirty (30) days after publication of this notice. Sensitive owner information that is privileged such as financial statements and similar information will not be made available. These documents will be available for review at the Kauai County Housing Agency located at 4444 Rice Street, Suite 330, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM during the review period.

Adam Roversi
Housing Director
Kauai County Housing Agency
(TGI1253481 12/20, 12/21/19)