The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001241358-01
Public Hearings


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to Hawaii Revised Statutes (“HRS”) Chapters 91, 269, and 271, and Hawaii Administrative Rules (“HAR”) Chapters 6-61, 6-62, 6-63, and 6-68, the HAWAII PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION (“Commission”) will hold a show cause hearing to determine whether the certificates of authority or the certificates of registration of the telecommunications carriers listed below and the certificates of public convenience and necessity or permits of the motor carriers of passengers and property listed below should be suspended or revoked for their failure to do one or more of the following:

(a) File annual financial reports pursuant to HRS § 271-25, HAR § 6-80- 91, and Ordering Paragraph No. 2 of the Order Authorizing the Continuation of the Zone of Reasonableness Program for Motor Carriers, filed on September 22, 2010, in Docket No. 2007-0159;

(b) Pay annual fees and/or assessed penalties, pursuant to HRS §§ 269-30, 271-27(h) and (i), 271-36, and HAR § 6-62-42;

(c) Pay an annual contribution to the telecommunications relay services fund, pursuant to the Decision and Order No. 34665, filed on June 28, 2017, in Docket No. 2017-0142; and/or

(d) File a tariff pursuant to HRS § 271-21(a) and HAR § 16-603-3.

The Commission directs the PROPERTY AND PASSENGER MOTOR CARRIERS, AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CARRIERS listed below to appear before the Commission at the hearing to be held in the Commission’s hearing room, 465 South King Street, Room 103, Honolulu, Hawaii, at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

Each entity listed below may be represented by an attorney of its own choosing. Sole proprietors may appear on their own behalf; a partner may represent a partnership; and an officer or authorized employee of a corporation, trust, or association may represent the corporation, trust, or association. If an entity listed below fails to appear at the scheduled hearing, the Commission may suspend or revoke that entities certificate or permit.

2019-0182 Kong Enterprises, Inc.—286-C
2019-0183 Taku Kikaku U.S.A., Inc., dba Offroad Express—2032-C
2019-0184 Quick Move, Inc.—2084-C
2019-0185 Scott H. Hee, dba Scott’s Trucking—2092-C
2019-0186 Gerry Gasmen Cabebe—2240-C
2019-0187 J. Jeremiah Trucking Co., Inc.—2244-C
2019-0188 D&R Equipment Rental, LLC—2262-C
2019-0190 JNR Global Logistics LLC—2372-C
2019-0191 Imiola Trucking LLC—2405-C
2019-0192 Cabebe Brothers LLC—2413-C
2019-0193 SMB Trucking LLC—2414-C
2019-0194 Wayne’s Enterprises, Inc.—3037-C
2019-0195 Brittany Libre, dba B&L Equipment Rental and Hauling—3055-C
2019-0196 Bradley Pacific Aviation, Inc., dba Signature Flight Support—3811 P
2019-0197 Clayton S. De Coite, dba Molokai Express—4010-C
2019-0198 Hana Trucking & Equipment Co.—4062-C
2019-0199 Po’okela Trucking, Inc.—4154-C
2019-0200 All Maui Trucking, LLC—4181-C
2019-0202 Coastline Express, Inc.—5008-C
2019-0203 Kahuku Trucking Unlimited, Inc.—5130-C
2019-0204 Tammy Jane Ortiz Wong, dba K & T Water Hauling—5162-C
2019-0205 Iron Horse Trucking LLC—5206-C
2019-0206 Big Island Modular LLC—5237-C
2019-0208 Guardian Moving & Storage, Inc., dba City Moving—5255-C
2019-0209 Jordan Aiapake Santos Kanakamaikai, dba Da’ Ka’u Water
2019-0210 Fisher Landscaping LLC, dba Lehua Water Delivery Service—5280-C
2019-0212 Commodity Forwarders, Inc.—668-P
2019-0213 Direct Support Resources, Inc., dba DSR—2132-C
2019-0215 All Island Trucking, Inc.—2377-C
2019-0216 Island Topsoil, LLC—5129-C
2019-0217 Randall J. Hagio, dba Joji’s Trucking—158-C
2019-0218 PBA Enterprise LLC—2182-C
2019-0219 Affordable Towing Services, Inc.—2317-C
2019-0220 K-Dubs LLC—2401-C
2019-0221 Lanai Trucking, Inc.—4073-C
2019-0308 Hokulani Hauling Hawaii LLC—2135-C

2019-0222 RERK Transport LLC—353-C
2019-0223 Interplanet Co., Ltd.—382-C
2019-0224 Diamond Tours and Trans LLC—470-C
2019-0225 The Aloha Golf Tournament, Inc.—478-C
2019-0226 Ken Ikawa, dba New Hope Travel Services—509-C
2019-0227 Done Hawaii Tours LLC—591-C
2019-0228 Tour It Up LLC—820-C
2019-0229 Abelladas Transport Services LLC—834-C
2019-0230 Camilla’s Charters LLC—865-C
2019-0231 Oh Island Tour, Inc.—866-C
2019-0232 Wilson Gadingan, dba Ohana Transit—872-C
2019-0233 Pa’ala’a Uka, Pa’ala’a Kai LLC, dba North Shore Eco Tours—877 C
2019-0234 KG Tours Hawaii LLC, dba Escape Waikiki Tours—879-C
2019-0236 Lux Travel USA Inc., dba Palmtour Travel—904-C
2019-0237 Oahu Private Tours LLC—907-C
2019-0238 Pro Surf School Hawaii LLC—910-C
2019-0239 Hawaii4U LLC—924-C
2019-0240 Summer Holiday Inc.—964-C
2019-0241 Zafani Araujo Inc., dba Kealoha Tours—969-C
2019-0242 Makuakane LLC, dba Ali’i Care Transport—977-C
2019-0243 Clifford S. Chin—980-C
2019-0244 Hawaii Birding Babe LLC—1006-C
2019-0245 City Limousine, Inc.—1014-C
2019-0246 Richard Y.S. Oh, dba Oh Management—1016-C
2019-0247 Khanh Van Le—1022-C
2019-0248 Hawaii-Payless Ride LLC—1025-C
2019-0249 Pineapple Bus LLC—1065-C
2019-0250 I Love Hawaii Tours, LLC—1075-C
2019-0251 Matthew Burke—1077-C
2019-0252 Skuber LLC—1078-C
2019-0253 Red Hawaii Enterprise, Inc., dba Red Hawaii Tours—1082-C
2019-0254 MK Transportation Network LLC—1100-C
Korean Tour Guide Service Center, Inc., dba KTG Trans & Tour—1185-C
2019-0256 Joki’s Tour & Limousine Services, Inc.—1215-C
2019-0257 Dia E. Bello, dba Reliable Shuttle—1306-C
2019-0258 Very Best, LLC—1381-C
2019-0259 McInerny Transportation Company, Inc.—1454-C
2019-0260 Duke’s Limousine, Inc.—1466-C
2019-0261 Discovering Hidden Hawaii Tours, Inc.—1514-C
2019-0262 Airport Blue Line & Tours, Ltd.—1591-C
2019-0263 Paul Hien Huynh, dba Hawaii Aquatic Sports—1610-C
2019-0264 Munekatsu Yamagawa—1658-C
2019-0265 Cloud 9 Limousine, Inc.—1664-C
2019-0266 Gerry Duran Daligdig, dba GDD Handitrans—1798-C
2019-0267 Lou Tung Wang—1832-C
2019-0268 Van Quy Nguyen—1845-C
2019-0269 Aloha Waikiki Express, LLC—1849-C
2019-0270 Pacific Trans LLC—1858-C
2019-0271 El Nino Transervice LLC—1887-C
2019-0272 Chung Sik Kim—1892-C
2019-0273 Royal Hawaiian Limousine LLC, dba RHL—1944-C
2019-0274 Wayne M. Hori, dba South Shore Limo—3554-C
2019-0275 Wailua River Guides LLC—3578-C
2019-0276 Aina Pacific Consulting LLC—3617-C
2019-0277 Shuttle Services of Hawaii LLC—4872-C
2019-0278 The Maui Touring Company LLC—4907-C
2019-0279 Hana in Paradise LLC—4917-C
2019-0280 Hawaii Maui Tours LLC—4946-C
2019-0281 Majestic 808 Trans, LLC—4949-C
2019-0282 Maui Nene Transportation Services LLC—4954-C
2019-0283 America’s Adventure, Inc., dba Bold Earth Adventures—5501-C
2019-0284 Aloha Voyages, LLC—5502-C
2019-0285 Akamai Adventure Tours & Travel LLC—5509-C
2019-0286 Legacy Tours LLC, dba Hawaii Legacy Tours—5537-C
2019-0287 Lavaland Hawai’i LLC—5549-C
2019-0288 Kona Taxicab LLC—5551-C
2019-0289 HiStyle Tours LLC—5569-C
2019-0290 Kyle Clifford John Smet, dba Island Wide Family Tours—5572-C
2019-0291 Epiclava LLC—5582-C
2019-0292 Paradise Island Tour LLC—5586-C
2019-0293 Kona Haven USA Corp.—5587-C
2019-0294 Big Isles Orchid Trans, LLC—5597-C
2019-0295 Big Island Frontier LLC—5601-C
2019-0296 Luana Limousine Service, Inc.—5657-C
2019-0297 Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council—5674-C
2019-0298 Native Guide Hawaii, LLC—5752-C
2019-0299 Kenneth J. Smet, dba Marylous Big Island Guided Tours—5771-C
2019-0300 Fun in the Sun Tours LLC, dba Aloha Hawaii Tours—564-C
2019-0301 Kailani Tours Hawaii LLC—5545-C
2019-0302 Mahalo Tours & Transportation LLC—4865-C
2019-0303 Sea Hawaii/CK, Inc.—1650-C
2019-0304 XS LLC—562-C
2019-0305 Goliath International Inc., dba Alohaways—992-C
2019-0306 Hanalei Bay Enterprises, Inc.—3600-C

2019-0307 China Unicom (Americas) Operations Limited
(TGI1241358 10/28, 11/4/19)