The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001143989-01
Public Hearings


The Maui Planning Commission for the County of Maui hereby gives notice that it will conduct a hearing on November 27, 2018 commencing at 9:00 a.m. or as soon thereafter as is practicable in the Planning Department Conference Room, 1st Floor, Kalana Pakui Building, 250 S. High Street, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793 on the following:


1. RD OLSON II INVESTMENTS, LLC requesting a Special Management Area Use Permit for the Keolani Triangle Retail Center, a 4-unit commercial retail space in two structures, with supporting infrastructure, onsite parking, and loading zones, located on 0.779 acres in the M-2 Heavy Industrial District at 520 Keolani Place, Kahului, Island of Maui, TMK: (2) 3-8-079:015. (SM1 2017/0005) (K. Scott)

2. STATE OF HAWAII KAHOOLAWE ISLAND RESERVE COMMISSION requesting a Special Management Area Use Permit for the proposed construction of the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission education and outreach center consisting of one (1) two-story building of approximately 24,000 square feet, outdoor performance area, plant nursery, parking and related improvements located at 2780 South Kihei Road, Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753, TMK (2) 3-9-004:151 (SM1 2018/0008) (C. Thackerson)

The subject public hearing will be conducted in accordance with the Hawaii Revised Statutes, the Maui County Code and the Rules of the Maui Planning Commission. Information pertaining to the subject applications may be obtained from the Maui County Planning Department, 2200 Main Street, Suite 619, Wailuku, Maui.

Petitions to intervene shall be in conformity with Section 12-201-20 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure for the Maui Planning Commission and shall be filed with the Commission and served upon the applicant no less than ten (10) days before the first public hearing date. Filing of all documents to the Commission is c/o the Maui Planning Department, 2200 Main Street, Suite 315, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793. The deadline for the filing of a timely petition to intervene if the first public hearing date is November 27, 2018 is November 9, 2018.

All testimony regarding the subject applications may be filed prior to the date of the hearing by providing 15 copies of said written testimony to the Department of Planning or may be presented at the time of the hearing.

Those interested persons requesting accommodation due to disabilities, please call the Department of Planning at (808) 270-7735 or notify the Department of Planning in writing at 2200 Main Street, Suite 315, Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793, or fax number (808) 270-7634 at least six (6) days before the scheduled meeting.

Planning Director

(TGI1143989 10/26/18)