The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001062459-01


A public meeting will be held at the date, time and place shown below to allow members of the public to review and provide comments concerning the construction plans for the Lawa’i Solar Project. The schedule for, and subject matter of, the meeting is as follows:


1. Date: Thursday, January 25, 2018

2. Time: 6:00 p.m.

3. Place of
Hearing: Koloa Neighborhood Center
3461 Weliweli Road
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii 96756

4. Purpose: To allow interested members of the public to review the construction plans for the Lawa’i Solar Project and to allow the Applicant an opportunity to solicit input and to mitigate where possible concerns that are raised.

5. Permits: Use Permit U-2018-1, Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2018-1, and Special Permit SP-2018-2

6. Applicant: AES Lawa’i Solar, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company


The Planning Commission of the County of Kauai and the State Land Use Commission have approved the Application of AES Lawa’i Solar, LLC for the construction of a solar photovoltaic project ("Solar Project"). The Solar Facility will be ground-mounted and will consist of the following: (1) solar resource and weather measurement equipment; (2) solar panels mounted on supporting structures; (3) operation and maintenance equipment and facilities; (4) foundations and pads; (5) footings; (6) access roads; (7) fences and security facilities; (8) one or more photovoltaic power systems, including, without limitation, solar panels, mounting substrates or supports, wiring and connections, power inverters, service equipment, metering equipment, utility interconnections, energy storage and any and all related equipment; (9) electric lines, including wires and poles; and (10) other related facilities and equipment for the collection, distribution, storage and sale of electric power generated on the Subject Property. The Solar Project will be developed within a large parcel known as Lot B-1 which contains 1,062.291 acres, is located in Koloa and Lawa’i, Kona, Kauai, Hawaii, and is identified by Kauai Tax Map Key No. (4) 2-6-003:001. The Solar Project will be located on a 210.466 acre portion of Lot B-1 referred to as the Subject Property.

Any questions concerning this matter, the construction plans, or the design of the Solar Project may be communicated to the Applicant’s Representatives, Max W. J. Graham, Jr. or Michael J. Belles of Belles Graham Proudfoot Wilson & Chun, LLP at:

Address: 4334 Rice Street, Suite 202
Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii 96766

Phone: (808) 246-6962

(TGI1062459 1/10, 1/17/18)