The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001368113-01


Notice is hereby given by Banyan Harbor Time Share Owner’s Association, that it intends to foreclose by way of non-judicial process on the aforesaid Notice of Lien and Suspension of Privileges against the timeshare interest identified below. Said timeshare interest will be sold at public auction to be held at the front entrance of the Fifth Circuit Court Building, 3970 Kahana St, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii at 12:00 noon May 13, 2022. There shall be no open house and the unit shall be sold “as is”. One Hundred (100%) Percent of the purchase price shall be due at the close of auction via either cashier’s check or cash. The timeshare interest is a 1/50th co-tenancy interest in and to Banyan Harbor Condominium Project, Nawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaii, plus the exclusive right to occupy a use period as provided for the following: Apt No.22 U-2 owned by James E. Abbott & Brenda L. Abbott; Apt. 79 I-1owned by Juliette Diane Boewe; Apt. 107 Q-1 owned by Sally Jane Clark; Apt. 120 W-2 owned by Steven B. Garcia & Philomena Garcia; Apt. 133 U-1 owned by Joseph R. Gonzales ^& Viola O. Gonzales; Apt. 145 F-2 owned by Thomas J. Knox; Apt. 142 AA-1 owned by Dar H. Manarang & Dolores V. Manarang; Apt. 126 Q-2 owned by Aubrey Maze & Lynda Maze; Apt. 110 U-1 & M-2 owned by Betty L. Mejia; Apt. 106 Y-2 owned by Donald Wayne Monson; Apt 78 S-1 owned by Elizabeth Pickering; Apt. 77 D-2 owned by Andrea Sopel-Tonn & Corwin Allen Tonn; Apt 106 R-2 owned by Emil David Edgren & Lucille Margaret Edgren; Apt. 4 O-1 owned by James Scanlan & Tammy Sue Scanlan; and, Apt 107 O-2 owned by Wille W. Witt & Elizabeth M. Witt. Contact Person: Patrick Childs Esq., 4365 Kukui St. Suite #104, Lihue, Hawaii 96766 (808) 245-2863.
(TGI138113 4/13, 4/20, 4/27/22)