The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001337004-01

NOTICE OF INTENT TO FORECLOSE INTERVAL OWNERSHIP INTERESTS AND OF SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN pursuant to the terms of the Timeshare Declaration that the following timeshare interests more particularly described in the lien(s) referred to in Schedule “1” will be foreclosed upon by the foreclosing agent, First American Title Company on behalf of Pahio at Kauai Beach Villas Interval Owners Association, a Hawaii non-profit corporation by sale of property secured thereby at public auction on 09/07/2021 at 1:00 PM at Vidinha Stadium, Hoolako St, Lihue, HI 96766, under the trees, at entrance to the stadium. Each of the properties to be sold is a Timeshare Interest at Pahio At Kauai Beach Villas established by certain Declaration recorded as 95-034656 in the office of Bureau of Conveyances or Assistant Registrar of the Land Court, State of Hawaii and as amended and which property is located at 4330 Kauai Beach Drive, Lihue, HI, 96722. The Timeshare Interest as noted on the Notice of Lien, which has been filed against the record owner as consists of delinquent maintenance fees, (plus interest, late charges, and collection and enforcement costs). Terms of the sale are: (1) No upset price. (2) Property sold without covenant or warranty, express or implied, as to the title possession or encumbrances; (3) At the close of the auction, Purchaser shall pay 10% of the highest successful bid price (“Bid”) by certified, or cashier’s check to FIRST AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY as a non-refundable deposit; provided that the Association may submit a credit bid up to the amount of the secured indebtedness; (4) The property shall be conveyed by the Association’s quitclaim conveyance. Purchaser shall meet the following obligations: (a) Purchaser shall deliver a cashier’s check no later than 15 days after the auction, to escrow for the balance of the Bid; (b) Purchaser shall pay all closing costs including, but not limited to: costs of document drafting, notary fees, consent fees, escrow fees, conveyance tax, recordation fees and other charges, together with any special assessments which may arise under HRS 514B-146(g)(h)(i); (5) Purchaser shall provide the auctioneer with the selected names (vesting) and tenancy for title to the property at the conclusion of the auction; (6) Purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining title insurance, if so desired, however, the availability of title or other insurance shall not be a condition of closing; (7) Time is of the essence in this transaction and any delay in performance by Purchaser which prevents the closing from occurring within 30 days after the auction shall cause the Association to sustain damages in amounts which will be difficult to ascertain. In the event the sale does not close because of any delay in performance by the Purchaser as herein stated, the 10% down payment may be retained by the Association as liquidated damages and not as a penalty; (8) If title is not conveyed to Purchaser for any reason, other than Purchaser’s failure to perform as specified herein, the Association’s sole responsibility shall be the return of the Bid funds tendered by Purchaser. The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against the Association or its agents, attorneys, servicers and auctioneers; (9) The sale may be postponed from time to time by public announcement by the Association or someone acting on its behalf; (10) By submitting the Bid, Purchaser acknowledges reading the terms and conditions set forth in this notice and agrees to be bound thereby and sign a written acceptance of all terms herein. For further information regarding this sale, you must contact Pahio at Kauai Beach Villas Interval Owners Association, a Hawaii non-profit corporation at (800) 251-8736. Conductor of the public sale in the state of Hawaii: AQUA LEGAL LLC on behalf of, First American Title, agent for Claimant; Phone: (808) 539-7504; Address: 1099 Alakea Street, suite 2430, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. Batch No: Foreclosure HOA 108057-KBV11-HOA. SCHEDULE “1”: Lien Recording Date and Reference: 06/30/2021 Inst: A-78510981, Timeshare Interest (Contract No.), Owner(s); 1154215, M. JOAN TILLEY and PAUL DOUGLAS TILLEY and G. RUTH BOLES; 1154268, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1154274, KEVIN MICHAEL SMITH and MARY BERNICE SMITH; 1154338, ROBERT WILLIAM VOELKER JR and INGRID DAWN JOHANSON-VOELKER; 1154364, ARNOLD LEROY MONIZE, SR. and ROSE TAMEZ MONIZE; 1154485, MARGARETE HOLMES and JUNIOR LYLE PRICE; 1154517, RICHARD P. LOWKE and WANDA H. LOWKE; 1154520, PIERCE GEORGE HARVEY; 1154536, LEO JAY DECAEN and SHIRLEY BETH AHLBORN; 1154545, AARON CLYDE EWING and MELISSA RUTH HITCHNER; 1154610, CARMEN K. GARCIA; 1154616, APRIL LOVELLE HAYES and KIMBERLY ANN BOYLES; 1154624, BETTY JEAN SWENSEN-KEEPERS; 1154727, HOOFBEATS WITH HEART, A 501 C 3 ORGANIZATION; 1154746, TIN LONG TRAN and THANH GIANG NGUYEN; 1154788, BRYAN PATRICK PRUETT and SHARON THERESA PRUETT; 1154794, HOWARD FRED OVERMAN and NINA PARLEE OVERMAN; 1154806, DARRYL L. MILCZAREK and SUZANNE MILCZAREK, Trustees of the MILCZAREK FAMILY TRUST DTD. APRIL 5, 1990; 1154830, YUMI MAEKAWA; 1154865, RICHARD R. RAGER, SR. and ELAINA B. RAGER; 1154867, RONALD POUDRIER and LORANN J. POUDRIER; 1154894, LISA SHOCKEY, Trustee of the THE SHOCKEY FAMILY VACATION TRUST DATED JUNE 1, 2015 and CATHERINE ANNE SHOCKEY and RUSSELL CARL SHOCKEY; 1154905, DANIEL L. ARROWSMITH and KAREN S. ARROWSMITH; 1154906, LEE ROY HADLEY and SANDRA QUINN HADLEY; 1154909, TIMOTHY BRIAN HOUSER and JULIE MICHELLE O’HARRIA PETERS; 1154922, RAYMOND FRANCIS RIGNEY, JR. and CAMILLE RENATA RIGNEY; 1154938, RICHARD A. BLAKE and JANICE E. BLAKE and DAVID L. HARRIS and TERESA L. HARRIS; 1155029, CURTIS MALCOLM BRIGHOUSE and ROSEMARY BRIGHOUSE; 1155042, JAY KIRK LANGSDORF and MARY MCGUIRE LANGSDORF; 1155084, MICHAEL JAMES SHRIBER; 1155086, ARTHUR ROBERT MAFLI and MARTHA ANNE PERRY; 1155096, RENEL JEAN-BAPTISTE and ROSE STRIDE JOLIBOIS; 1155103, MICHAEL M. MCATEE and PAMALLA MCATEE, Trustees of the MCATEE FAMILY TRUST, DATED FENRUARY 4, 2003; 1155113, STEVEN R. BARNES and GLADYS BARNES; 1155130, RICKY DUANE WHITE and MARIA ELENA WHITE; 1155202, GLEN D. HAWKINS and RAMONA M. HAWKINS; 1155211, THOMAS LUKE BENSON and DEBORAH JEAN BENSON; 1155258, GORDON LYNN HUMM and DIANA MARIE HUMM; 1155280, ROY DEAN GOODE and CAROL LUCILLE GOODE; 1155281, ROBERT K. BRIDGES and JOSEPHINE BRIDGES, Trustees of the BRIDGES FAMILY TRUST DTD NOVEMBER 3, 1992; 1155287, DANIEL DEFOREST STRATTON and SANDRA PEARL STRATTON; 1155294, GEORGE PAUL LAINE and BARBARA GARDNER LAINE; 1155342, JOSEPH MELDRUM GLOMAN and MARYJO GLOMAN; 1155351, DEBRA ANN LOSLEBEN FLEMING; 1155355, WILLIAM GEORGE BRINE and DARYL ELIZABETH BERKEY; 1155356, KEITH E. PENMAN and MARJORIE A. PENMAN, Trustees of the PENMAN LOVING TRUST DATED SEPTEMBER 26, 1991, and ANY AMENDMENTS THERETO; 1155397, ANDREW GRAY STRANG and JOAN MARILYNNE STRANG and CHARLENE ANNE MAC DONALD; 1155400, NORWEST BANK NORTH DAKOTA, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION, Trustee of the DUANE M. HINSPERGER TRUST u/a dated October 5, 1992; 1155407, FRANCIS BURTON PERRY and JOY DARLENE PERRY; 1155417, WILLIAM JAY FERGUSON and PATRICIA LYNN FERGUSON; 1155418, MICHAEL DAVID RYAN and KIMBERLY ANN RYAN; 1155426, MARION HARVEY PINES and JEANNE BARBARA PINES; 1155435, FENG ZHU and LESLIE ANN GERVAIS; 1155472, HUD INVESTMENTS,LLC, A NEVADA LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY ; 1155480, DAKOTA SIGHTS, LLC; 1155537, RONALD EDWARD FAULK; 1155551, JOHN CHARLES HANKS and MARGARET LEE WATERS; 1155553, JO-ANNE LESLIE MEAD; 1155563, JO-ANNE LESLIE MEAD; 1155582, ALFRED RAFAEL MARTINEZ and SOCORRO JIMENEZ MARTINEZ; 1155619, RUSSELL AUSTIN WHITE and LAURETTA JEAN WHITE; 1155665, MICHAEL VERNON PETROVICH and CAROL FAITH SHELLEY; 1155762, TERESITA L. BANTING and MARIA T. BANTING-LEAVITT and MARIANNE L. BANTING and MARIANO L. BANTING, III; 1155775, ARTHUR FRANK WHEATLEY and MARJORIE EDITH WHEATLEY; 1155786, NICHOLAS JOHN STEN, JR. and ABIGAIL N. TRIFFELETTI; 1155866, JAMES WILLIAM WARE and KAREN MARIE WARE; 1155873, JOHN EARL PRICE and LORETHA H. PRICE; 1155882, JANE LOUISE VANDEBERG MORGAN and CLIFFORD ALVIN VANDEBERG; 1155912, THOMAS D. JONES and LEE ANNE HARRIS-JONES; 1155931, SALLY STEWART HEISER; 1155964, G. RUTH BOLES; 1155976, GEORGIA J. WALPER, Trustee(s) of the WALPER FAMILY TRUST DATED AUGUST 16, 1989; 1155996, SCOTT CHARLES HUTCHINSON; 1156052, JOHN P. PEARSON and LUCILLE O. PEARSON; 1156072, STEVEN R. BARNES and GLADYS BARNES; 1156160, STEVEN ALFRED SWINDELL and CAROL ANN LARSON; 1156220, MILAGROS LABRADOR GALIMBA; 1156227, ANTONIO BOCCIA; 1156237, ERNEST KANAME TAKAHASHI and JENNY MIHOKO TAKAHASHI; 1156255, MARGARET PATRICIA KEISER; 1156269, ROGER V. PALMBERG and CAROL M. PALMBERG, Trustees, or their successors in trust, under the PALMBERG LIVING TRUST, DATED JUNE 05, 2000; 1156291, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1156336, WILLIAM SOTELO SAPIENS and MYRTLE ANNE SAPIENS; 1156358, FREDERICK SARGON and SHAHNAZ SARGON; 1156374, THOMAS HEMENWAY and MICHELE K. HEMENWAY; 1156395, KURTIS J. BRANDT and KATHRYN S. BRANDT; 1156428, JAMES ALEXANDER BELL; 1156435, DEBRA LYNN KRUEGER and SHARRA-DAWN PETTYJOHN; 1156436, MARY CATHERINE MCARTHUR; 1156509, KIPP JOHANNSEN; 1156568, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN BRIGGS; 1156616, HAKAN USAL and GRACE E. USAL; 1156624, TERRY L. SCOTT and DARLENE M. SCOTT; 1156636, TEOFILO VALENZUELA CARRASCO and GRACE CARRASCO; 1156657, JONATHAN ALAN GILLETTE and DANIELLE TABITHA TUTON-GILLETTE; 1156676, GEORGE EDWARD MARTIN, JR.; 1156677, MARCELLA LAUREENE ROBINSON; 1156701, JOANN A. VOLLENWEIDER, Trustee of the VOLLENWEIDER FAMILY 1993 REVOCABLE TRUST, ESTABLISHED OCTOBER 25, 1993; 1156756, ADRIAN B. DANIELI; 1156782, LLOYD J. ECKHART and MARY L. ECKHART; 1156784, CHRISTOPHER DAVID CONNELLY and ONDRA MARSHALL-CONNELLY; 1156790, GEARY HOWARD PENA and LOUISE CLAIRE PENA; 1156829, TONY DEMARCO SMITH and KATRINA ANN SMITH; 1156834, ROBERT LOWELL SHIKE and PEGGY ANN SHIKE; 1156835, THOMAS C. SPINNEY and BARBARA A. SPINNEY; 1156838, GLENDA SUE KENNEDY and BILLIE LUCILLE LUKE; 1156936, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1156990, CHRISTY ANN JORDAN-MORROW; 1156998, JAY K. LANGSDORF and MARY M. LANGSDORF; 1157013, JAMES WILLIAM WARE and KAREN MARIE WARE; 1157019, MARVIN ARSHAWSKY; 1157056, NORBERT L. BOBAY; 1157085, ROBERT J. STEVENSON and PATRICIA A. STEVENSON; 1157127, EDWARD R. DE BACA; 1157138, JOYCE L. HENDRICKS; 1157140, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1157143, LEONARD FRANCIS STIELPER, III; 1157188, KENNETH B. FERNANDES and BETTY L. FERNANDES; 1157198, VALENTIN BEGAN and LYUBOV BEGAN; 1157212, DEBORAH A. SWEENEY; 1157225, RONALD E. GRANTZ and JANET A. GRANTZ and CHAD W. MCCAULEY and STACY A. MCCAULEY and BYRNE’S HOME REPAIR, INC., AN OREGON CORPORATION; 1157235, THOMAS E. TOS and EVELYN H. TOS, Trustees of the TOS FAMILY TRUST DATED FEBRUARY 11, 1991; 1157272, MICHELLE L. ST. CROIX; 1157299, CHRISTY ANN JORDAN-MORROW; 1157330, SUSAN JOY BAGLOW and DENNIS EUGENE BAGLOW; 1157366, MAXTON VEAL and JANET ANN VEAL; 1157371, PAUL R. FILADORO and ELLEN M. FILADORO; 1157389, DAVID ROBERT KERR and HELEN RUTH KOEPPEN; 1157438, KYLE J.R. EMSICK and SHANNON D. EMSICK; 1157488, RANDY N. CLARK and BETTY A. CLARK; 1157517, RUSSELL D. HOMEWOOD and JUDITH L. HOMEWOOD; 1157628, JOSEPH C. VOGEL and ANNE M. VOGEL; 1157664, WILLIAM E MAERTINS and CLEETA D MC CORMICK; 1157669, STANLEY W. TOMLINSON and CHERYL R. TOMLINSON; 1157670, EUGENE E. JOHNSON and SARA E. JOHNSON; 1157701, BARBARA M. D’AMICO; 1157709, SUE C. GUESNARD; 1157720, LEO JAY DECAEN and SHIRLEY BETH AHLBORN; 1157729, RICHARD CHARLES BROWN and ANITA MARIE BROWN; 1157858, GAY CULLEN SAYRE; 1157865, ARLEEN BETH CHESTER; 1158032, SUSAN RICHARDS QUINN, Trustee of the SUSAN RICHARDS QUINN JANUARY 22, 1992 TRUST DATED JANUARY 22, 1992; 1158042, MICHAEL LEE ROBERTS; 1158053, WILLIAM STANLEY HERBERT and DEBORAH ANNE HERBERT; 1158067, TODD LOUIE KUHLMAN and SUSAN LYNN KUHLMAN; 1158076, DAVID W. VOIGT and SHARON A. VOIGT; 1158083, NIGEL HERNANDEZ; 1158132, WILLIAM CARL COUNCE and IMAJEAN ELVERA COUNCE; 1158215, SCOTT SHAFFER; 1158293, TIMESHARE TRADE INS, LLC; 1158321, WILLIAM B. WASHBURN and SHEILA J. WASHBURN; 1158343, SHERRIE L. FOX and PAULETTE A. GUYER; 1158376, AYODEJI T. WEST and OLADUNTAN T. WEST; 1158393, JAMES W. FENCL and PATRICIA J. FENCL; 1158404, BELEN SOTO MORENO and RUDY PINEIRA MORENO; 1158405, DANIEL LEE HAINING and THU-DUNG THI HAINING; 1158418, ROY B. BUTLER and REBECCA M. BUTLER; 1158422, BRUCE HASELMAN and GWELDA HASELMAN; 1158428, DANNY WAYNE MEANS; 1158440, RICHARD J. HANSCH and JOYCE E. HANSCH, Trustees of the RICHARD J. AND JOYCE E. HANSCH LIVING TRUST, DTD JULY 27, 1995; 1158450, LISA M. WISE; 1158526, DAVID BRYAN DUSTIN and SORAYA DUSTIN; 1158542, MICHAEL J. BRINK, Trustee of the MICHAEL J. BRINK LIVING TRUST DATED APRIL 28, 1999; 1158574, JACKIE ROSE STEEN; 1158601, DAVID EDWARD KAMPMANN and GAYLE ELLEN KAMPMANN; 1158602, MARIA RANDELL; 1158662, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1158663, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1158665, JAMES W. FENCL and PATRICIA J. FENCL; 1158671, DEBRA ANN LOSLEBEN FLEMING; 1158672, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1158698, ERIC LEE BRANDT and MARIA CHRISTINA BRANDT; 1158713, LARRY T. LESTER and DELORIS M. LESTER, as Trustees OR THEIR SUCCESSORS IN TRUST, UNDER the LARRY T. LESTER AND DELORIS M. LESTER JOINT REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, DATED JULY 31, 2006; 1158717, BOBBY G. BYRD and MARY F. BYRD; 1158737, LUIS VICENTE RODRIGUEZ and MARITA ROSE RODRIGUEZ; 1158919, EDVIN TOMINI; 1158932, DAVID LEE GOYETTE and TANYA LYNN SAVINSKY; 1158940, CRAIG PATRICK MORRILL and KELLY LYNNE MORRILL; 1159002, DAVID E. MATHEWS and HOLLY L. MATHEWS; 1159005, M. JOAN TILLEY and PAUL DOUGLAS TILLEY and G. RUTH BOLES; 1159014, WALTER B. NOGY and FERNA L. NOGY; 1159157, TIMESHARE TRADE INS, LLC; 1159185, LINDA JEAN ROGERS and JAMES ERVIN ROGERS; 1159221, RICK KLINDWORTH and STEPHANIE KLINDWORTH; 1159333, JAMES ALFRED PHILLIPS and EUGENIE ELIZABETH PHILLIPS; 1159420, GERALD L. NATION and KATHRYN M. NATION; 1159557, JONATHAN B. HANDLER and CYNTHIA J. HANDLER; 1159583, CHARLES T. VILALE and BENJAMIN S. BANTUG and MARILOU P. BANTUG, Trustees of the BANTUG FAMILY TRUST DATED JUNE 7, 1994; 1159601, MICHAEL ALLEN BARNES and JOHNNIE MUSE, JR.; 1159665, CHARLES K. WILHITE and GEORGETTE ARD; 1159667, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1159698, SIMON CHRISTOPHER TURNER; 1159732, JAMES D. POWELL and SHEILA A. POWELL; 1159752, SVITLANA A. PETRUSHKA; 1159757, RYAN C. RICHARD and JESSICA L. RICHARD; 1159762, GAVIN K. LODGE and HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF THE ESTATE OF MARY MARCIA LODGE; 1159764, STEPHEN I.R. JANKELSON and SUSAN M. JANKELSON; 1159778, MARTIN F. TORKLEP and KARMA W. TORKLEP; 1159781, JULIE D. SMERLING and MARGARET SMERLING; 1159934, LUIS CHAVEZ; 1160001, MICHAEL LOUIS MIACOLO and TRACY LYNN SORKNESS-MIACOLO; 1160119, JASON MIROSH; 1160246, HAROLD H. ATWOOD and VIVIAN P. ATWOOD; 1160258, SUSAN RICHARDS QUINN, Trustee of the SUSAN RICHARDS QUINN JANUARY 22, 1992, TRUST DATED JANUARY 22, 1992; 1160269, JEANETTE E. WEATHERFORD; 1160290, HOWARD FRED OVERMAN and NINA PARLEE OVERMAN; 1160291, BG ASUX, LLC; 1160322, TIMOTHY B. HOUSER and JULIE M. PETERS; 1160365, STALKSTEIN, LLC., A MISSOURI LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY; 1160462, GEORGE A. JOHNS, JR. and KAREN JOHNS; 1160463, JOSEPH Q. SEADLER, JR. and DIANA L. SEADLER; 1160485, INGRID AMBER BENUSSI; 1160492, JEAN PATRICIA WALKER and KENNETH LANE WALKER; 1160504, MAKOTO KONDO and MIYUKI KONDO; 1160510, MICHAEL L. MARLER and JAN A. MARLER; 1160530, CHARLES HENRY JONES, III and KAREN GASKINS JONES; 1160537, JOSEPH MELDRUM GLOMAN and MARY JO GLOMAN; 1160575, LANEVA LASHAWN FRANKLIN; 1160624, VACATION PROPERTY HOLDINGS, LLC., a Tennessee Limited Liability Company; 1160629, LORRAINE RENEE BYRNE; 1160630, JOSE A. GONZALEZ and NOEMI GONZALEZ; 1160634, KATHLEEN JEAN GIORDANO and SHIRLEY JEAN BOLLING; 1160677, RONALD E. FAULK; 1160687, ALTON G. GRIFFITH and ALVAH J. GRIFFITH; 1160735, BERTHA LOIS HICKS and ALFRED LEE HICKS, SR.; 1160784, DONNA L. MOORE; 1160942, DONALD H. HARRIS and TERRY J. HARRIS; 1160984, ROBERT "NMN" HOWARD; 1161011, CECILIA JOAN EVANS; 1161031, SUSAN LEE RICHINS and DEVIN VERN RICHINS; 1161059, JOHN A. MOON and THOMAS LEWIS MOON; 1161069, ROBERT WILLIAM VOELKER, JR. and INGRID DAWN JOHANSON-VOELKER; 1161138, ONOFRE ODIMER BANTADOS and FE BERNARDO BANTADOS; 1161152, JACK M. SHUPE and MARY LYNN SHUPE; 1161160, LARRY FRIEDRICH and WINNIE FRIEDRICH; 1161183, TOUFIQ A. SIDDIQI and ULRIKE I. SIDDIQI; 1161185, GENE CURTIS MCCAUL and CAROLYN DENISE MCCAUL; 1161206, DWIGHT B. HAWKINS and VANESSA M. HAWKINS; 1161227, THEO WICKRAMASURIYA and WILMOT WICKRAMASURIYA; 1161240, ROMMEL V. CHAVEZ and NANCY LOPEZ-CHAVEZ; 1161304, ALAN JAMES PEIK and CAROLE JEAN PEIK; 1161326, DANIEL DE FOREST STRATTON and SANDRA PEARL STRATTON; 1161327, STEPHEN I. PILKEY and KATHARINE J. PILKEY; 1161334, THOMAS CRANDELL and DIANE CRANDELL; 1161337, LESLEIGH R. ROSEN and SABRINA RAE AUXIE; 1161354, BRIAN J. REICHEL; 1161380, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1161389, ERIC MICHAEL LANDRY and MIYUKI NAKAZAKI; 1161397, KENDALL HOYT DICK and LINDA JANE DICK; 1161430, CLARENCE ORVAL WARD and DONNA LEE WARD; 1161483, ROBERT E. MORRIS and SOMPHORN P. MORRIS; 1161537, JAY CHANDLER MC ELROY, JR. and KELLEY MC ELROY; 1161551, BARBARA LANE; 1161558, RICHARD D. SANOW and NADIA C. SANOW; 1161559, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1161565, DERIK D. DELMONICO and AMBER L. DELMONICO; 1161567, MARKETKA KUBICEK; 1161571, LORI ENGELBERT; 1161585, HEIRS AND DEVISEES OF THE ESTATE OF MARGUERITE MARY DALY, and DEBRA J NELSON and MARY P. JENNETTE and COLLEEN M. ROBERTSON and THOMAS J. DALY and THOMAS J DALY; 1161601, DEAN H. DAWES and JANICE E DAWES, Trustees of the DEAN H. AND JANICE E. DAWES REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST DATED APRIL 2, 2004, AND ALL AND EVERY SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE OR TRUSTEES; 1161612, MARTIN FRANK TORKLEP and KARMA WINNONAH TORKLEP; 1161682, DOUGLAS FLETCHER and RITA HARDINGE; 1161688, JORGE HARO; 1161693, STEPHEN PLANT and VIRGINIA PLANT; 1161704, CECIL L. ROSS and MARY ANN ROSS; 1161710, ELIZABETH A. BENWARE-HUSSE and LISE K. BENWARE-HESSE; 1161726, RICHARD R. RAGER SR. and ELAINA M. RAGER; 1161852, LARRY CLIFFORD SWINDLE and JUDY VERNELL ROBEY SWINDLE and CLIFFORD CASON SWINDLE and CHRISTOPHER CANON SWINDLE MANNING and CREIGHTON COLIN SWINDLE MANNING and PATRICK GEORGE KENDALL JR. and SUZANNE MARIE KENDALL HAUGHTY; 1161868, DONALD S. HOWSLEY and DELORES HOWSLEY; 1161886, JULIE M. PETERS and TIMOTHY B. HOUSER; 1161904, AMANDA MONACO; 1161905, AMANDA MONACO; 1161986, ADINA LEE; 1161993, HONG SIK PARK and YOUNG JA PARK; 1162019, BRENDA S. COURSER and PHYLIP W. COURSER; 1162071, SUE C. GUESNARD; 1162097, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1162100, LANE MATHEW WEINBERG and NANCY KATHLEEN WEINBERG; 1162109, HYLEA M. CONTI and TIMOTHY A. CONTI; 1162161, NICHOLAS JOHN STEN, JR. and ABIGAIL N. TRIFFELETTI; 1162233, GEORGE W. SORENSON and GRETCHEN H. SORENSON, Trustees of the SORENSON FAMILY TRUST DATED 2/19/91; 1162258, RICHARD D. KNUDTEN and AUDREY A. KNUDTEN; 1162289, JACK M. SHUPE and MARY LYNN SHUPE; 1162307, HONG SIK PARK and YOUNG JA PARK; 1162328, GERALD BURTON and MARY K. BURTON; 1162330, JOSEPH B. HENLY and ANNA M. HENLY; 1162345, GERALD WILLIAM BURTON and MARY KATHERINE BURTON; 1162355, STEPHEN R. SCHAAF and GEORGIA D. SCHAAF; 1162364, MARC C. GERARDO and CHRISTINA G. GERARDO; 1162372, MICHAEL JOHN CAITHAMER and PATRICIA JOANNA CAITHAMER; 1162382, HOMER L. HARDER and BARBARA A. HARDER; 1162438, CLUB SELECT RESORTS; 1162440, BARBARA LANE; 1162444, FRANK Z. PARKER; 1162456, ROBERT WILLIAM VOELKER, JR. and INGRID DAWN JOHANSON-VOELKER; 1162457, JAMES B. STANLEY, JR. and ELIZABETH D. STANLEY; 1162460, PAUL J. DREWS and LINDA L. SUNDAY; 1162473, AMY LYNNE WILKE; 1162496, WILLIAM P. MEAD and JO-ANNE L. MEAD; 1162512, BARBARA LANE; 1162514, ANGELINA LONGSTRETH; 1162533, THOMAS E. WALTERS, as Trustee under that certain trust agreement known as the THOMAS E. WALTERS REVOCABLE TRUST DATED APRIL 28, 2006; 1162556, LEOLA MAY OLSON, Trustee of the LEOLA OLSON’S REVOCABLE TRUST OF 2003, DATED APRIL 18, 2003; 1162574, LARRY T. LESTER and DELORIS M. LESTER, Trustees, or their successors in trust, under the LARRY T. LESTER AND DELORIS M. LESTER JOINT REVOCABLE LIVING TRUST, DATED JULY 31, 2006; 1162637, SHERRIE L. FOX and PAULETTE A. GUYER; 1162732, CECIL CAZIAN; 1162740, ROSA MARIA VENACIO BOAS; 1162805, GENE IVAIN MUNTER; 1162809, ROBERT MICHAEL SIRBU and ELLEN SIRBU; 1162848, PAUL STANLEY and GAYLE L. STANLEY; 1162862, WALTER E. NYGAARD; 1162901, CECIL CAZIAN; 1162933, JEFFREY CHALAS; 1166679, ELIZABETH SISLER; 1167027, JIVAN KOZOH; 1168153, LR RENTALS AND REAL ESTATE LLC, A SOUTH CAROLINA LIMITED LIABILITY; 1169148, RODERICK KEITH JONES; 1169154, VINCI ZOLTON; 1169573, ELDON C. GRIPPER; 1171722, DAVID GOUSO; 1172358, BMA SERVICES, LLC; 1173563, CORNELIA C. SILAS; 1173912, CHARLES R. MOORE; 1173975, TATIANA SUVALIAN; 1173977, TATIANA SUVALIAN; 1174236, ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ; 1174420, TATIANA SUVALIAN; 1174610, BMA SERVICES, LLC A WASHINGTON LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, BETH ANGE, REGISTERED AGENT; 1174984, GLENDA JONETTE FAVORS; 1175782, QUINTESSA COPELAND; 1176975, JUDENE MARIE GAUTIER; 1177209, CALAS FAMILY LLC, A DELAWARE LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY; 1177240, ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ; 1177242, ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ; 1177244, SHAWN MICHAEL HAMILTON; 1177712, ANGELO CALLISTO; 1177827, WYSPER ELISE HILTON; 1177982, JUSTIN P. MORGAN; 1179079, EMILIO BIANCO; 1179109, TATIANA SUVALIAN; 1179610, ARMAN PARIK; 1179815, ARMAN PARIK; 1180187, CRAIG ARTHUR PATINSKY; 1180851, RESORT RECLAMATIONS, LLC, A WYOMING LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY; 1181602, FABIANO TABORDA; 1183335, GINA M. KAMINSKI; 1183695, DOUGLAS FLETCHER and RITA HARDINGE; 1183794, DOUGLAS NEAL WELLS and LISA JOYCE GOEBEL; 1184687, FABIANO TABORDA; 1185720, JESUS SAN ROMAN; 1186469, CHARLES MOORE; 1186970, KAI CREMATA.
(TGI1337004 8/9, 8/16, 8/23/21)