The Garden Island
Notice #: 0001232099-01


Notice is hereby given by Banyan Harbor Time Share Owner’s Association. That it intends to foreclose by way of non-judicial process on the aforesaid Notice of Lien and Suspension of Privileges against the timeshare interest identified below. Said timeshare interest will be sold at public auction to be held at the front entrance of the Fifth Circuit Court Building, 3970 Kahana St, Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii at 12:00 noon Oct 15, 2019. There shall be no open house and the unit shall be sold “as is”. One Hundred (100%) Percent of the purchase price shall be due at the close of auction via either cashier’s check or cash. The timeshare interest is a 1/50th co-tenancy interest in and to Banyan Harbor Condominium Project, Nawiliwili, Kauai, Hawaii, plus the exclusive right to occupy a use period as provided for. Apt No.121 D2 & 46 I2 Owned by Terry Lynn Adams and Patricia O’Clark. Apt. No 126 X1 Owned by Dominador Agabao and Dennis Agabao. Apt No145 I2, Owned by Joseph Camello. Apt No106 X-1 & X2, Owned by Joelene Dehner-Grimm and J Kurt Dehner, Apt No. 76 A2 Owned by Joseph Devermann and Florence Devermann, Apt No 147 T2 Owned by Sarah Dixon, Apt No76 I1, Owned by Joseph Fallon, Apt No. 123 R2 Owned by Charles Fedrid, Apt No.126 A2 Owned by Michail Giarrusso and Teresa Giarrusso, Apt No.120 AA1, Owned by Nancy Hansen, Apt No. 107 U1, Owned by Sharon Hosler, Apt No. 133 R2, Owned by Ideal Data Corp., Apt No. 110 D2, Owned by Galen Kauffmann and Cynthis Kauffman, Apt No. 122 AA1, Owned by Joseph Loepp, Apt No 122 Q1 Owned by Oscar Lopez, Apt No. 139 B2, Owned by Jamey Mays and Taylor Mays, Apt No. 106 K1, Owned by Gene Miller and Alice Miller, Apt No. 106 Q2, Owned by Don Mullenix and Grace Mullenix, Apt No. 4 B2, Owned by Eugene Murray and Judith Murray, Apt No. 119 Y1, Owned by Debra Olson and Thomas Warford, Apt No. 142 E1 Owned by Norman Parsons and A Kay Parsons, Apt No. 106 F1 Owned by Lewis Pence, Apt No. 77 Y2 Owned by Donald Plonowski and Carolyn Plonowski, Apt No. 122 J1, Owned by Janet Polochak, Apt No58 U1 & 42 G2 Owned by Ellen Saylor, Apt No. 76 V2 Owned by Kevin Smith and Lori Smith, Apt No. 78 F1, Owned by Allen Stewart and Judith Stewart, Apt No. 109 W1 & W2, Owned by Johnnie and Carol Turk, Apt No. 121 I1 & I2 Owned by Daniel Webster, Apt No. 123 E1 Owned by Joseph and Jean Whelan, Apt No. 42 U2 Owned by Ingr X Leon, Apt No79 P1 Owned by Joel and Julie Zamarripa, Apt No. 54 G2 Owned by Brian Backberg, Apt No. 46 X2 Owned by James Tuttle, Apt No. 46 Y2, Owned by Virgil Clay, Apt No. 47 R2, Owned by Stephen and Karen Gray, Apt No. 47 P1 Owned by Jeffrey and Sandra Oliphant,. Contact Person: Patrick Childs Esq.4365 Kukui St. Suite #104, Lihue, Hi 96766 (808) 245-2863.
(TGI1232099 9/18, 9/25, 10/2/19)